Become a Professor

Become a Professor

Nowadays, online learning is the trend and most efficient way to develop new skills.
If you are a Professor or desire to become one; please join the Language Community.  The best part is, THERE IS NO COMMISSION FEE!!! Only a very inexpensive subscription.
** Transactions fees apply (Stripe/Paypal) **
** Lessons payment within 7 working days**



  • Native Speaker
  • Previous teaching experience (1 year Minimum)
  • Teaching Certificate (PDF)
  • Able to understand and communicate in other language ( Spanish or English) preferred.
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How Language Community works

For Professors

1. Create your profile, we recommend to include a 1-2 minutes self-introduction video


2. Check your Calendar

3. Send your scheduling link for easy confirmation

4. Teach and enjoy the class


5. Just wait for your earnings in a weekly basis

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After your 3 months free trial, 1 month fee is $9.99 for 1 year Subscription. Credit card required. Cancel anytime to stop future charges.
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